Plus, Land Conserved in Warren County, "Bee" Inspired
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We are a member-based nonprofit dedicated to protecting and restoring the region’s waters, forests, natural areas and wildlife, planting community trees, gardens and greenspaces, and caring for Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater.

Plan Your Fall Adventures on WPC Preserves

Are you looking for a fall getaway in nature? Visit a Conservancy preserve near you to hike, walk, view autumn leaves and wildflowers, watch wildlife, camp, fish and more. Experience 14,000 acres of forests, streams, wetlands and open meadows in 16 Western Pennsylvania counties!

Thanks to nearly 800 donors who generously gave $642,007 to our “41 Places: Nature Near You Needs You” fundraising campaign in 2021 and 2022, we’re improving and enhancing many of the preserves we own and manage for all to enjoy! Staff and volunteers are removing past traces of damage to land, controlling invasive species, maintaining trails and improving parking. For example, at Wolf Creek Narrows Natural area, we added a parking area with an accessible parking space as well as a half-mile loop trail that connects the lot with the original 1.1-mile trail.

Enjoy a family nature walk at Toms Run Nature Reserve or launch a kayak at Lake Pleasant Conservation Area. Hike 20 miles of trails or camp at Bear Run Nature Reserve. Or enjoy rustic experiences with off-trail hiking at preserves such as Tryon-Weber Woods Natural Area, Dutch Hill Forest and Wattsburg Fen Natural Area.

Plan your outdoor adventure by visiting our user-friendly, searchable Explore Our Preserves section on to filter by county, activities, parking availability and size. Please keep yourself, others and wildlife safe, and our preserves clean and natural, by adhering to leave-no-trace principles and our visitor guidelines.

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Explore More Land Recently Protected by WPC in Warren County

Nature enthusiasts have more land to enjoy on State Game Land 197 in Warren County, thanks to the Conservancy’s recent purchase of a 109-acre property traversed by Brokenstraw Creek. WPC immediately conveyed the land to the PA Game Commission. Significant for biodiversity conservation, the property features meadows, shrubland, wetlands and forested wetland. A Natural Heritage Area Core Habitat supports plant species of concern, including highbush-cranberry.

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Bring Fallingwater to the Classroom

Teachers and homeschool parents: Can’t bring the kids to Fallingwater? Bring Fallingwater to them! You can virtually bring Fallingwater to your home or classroom through our virtual field trip program. 

Recommended for students in grades 3 through 12, these one-hour virtual field trips can relate to your lesson plans within fine art, science, math, history or language arts. Or, plan an on-site field trip for spring 2024.

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Help Control Spotted Lanternfly

Invasive spotted lanternfly populations are exploding, threatening crops and the economy. They feed on grapevines, hops, ornamental nursery plants and several tree species, stressing and weakening the plants.

There’s been a lot in the news about ways to control this destructive insect. We recommend following Penn State Extension for information about best practices for controlling it. It’s important to follow the guidelines so other insects, birds and wildlife aren’t harmed!

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Discover WPC Education Resources

Summer’s almost over and the school year has begun, but young people can still get outside for learning experiences in nature. “Outdoor classrooms” such as school gardens, parks or backyards offer countless opportunities for youth to explore, observe and discover their surroundings. 

If you’re a parent looking to supplement weekend activities or an educator seeking to develop new lesson plans, check out our education resources that will inspire the next generation of conservationists.

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Celebrate Our Accreditation

Did you know the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy undergoes a rigorous accreditation process by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission to verify we operate at the highest possible standards? We're excited to share that our accreditation has been renewed, acknowledging that we have sound finances, practice ethical conduct and responsible governance, employ best practices and can ensure lasting stewardship of protected properties. Accreditation tells the communities we serve that we take the promise of perpetuity as a serious responsibility.

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“Bee” Inspired: Member Plants for Pollinators

Are you planting perennials this fall, or planning a garden overhaul in the spring? Read a first-person account by WPC member and volunteer Tom Hoffman, who converted his front yard to a beautiful pollinator garden that supports bees, butterflies and birds. 

Tom was inspired by our “Pollinator Habitat: Plant it and They Will Come” webinar and other resources explaining the importance of supporting pollinators.

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Download Seasonal Images

Towering cliffs, a gorge carved by glacier melt and a 1.5-mile loop trail make WPC’s Wolf Creek Narrows Natural Area a popular destination for nature enthusiasts. 

Follow trail blazes past a high-quality stream on an active floodplain while you watch for a variety of birds, including belted kingfisher, Louisiana waterthrush and even bald eagle. 

Stroll through hardwood and deciduous forests and rest on a rustic bench to observe wildlife ranging from box turtles to white tailed deer. Download this and other summer images until September 22.

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Fallingwater Model Presale is Happening Now!

After much anticipation, we are pleased to announce that The Atom Brick™ premium building model of Fallingwater is available for presale! 

Adam Reed Tucker, founder and creator of The Atom Brick Company, has skillfully created a stunning and intricately detailed model of Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece – Fallingwater! This 4,383-piece model of Fallingwater, which is designed to have removable floors to display the interior, is sure to delight fans of Fallingwater and Wright, along with architectural buffs, toy enthusiasts and model collectors around the world.

Be among the first to receive this highly anticipated model before hitting the general market. Place your presale purchase today!

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