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We are a member-based nonprofit dedicated to protecting and restoring the region’s waters, forests, natural areas and wildlife, planting community trees, gardens and greenspaces, and caring for Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater.

Support Pollinator Habitat to Help 
Plants and Wildlife Thrive

Pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, moths, birds and bats, move pollen and cause plants to fruit or seed, and help most flower crops to bloom and crops reproduce.

Sadly, many pollinator species are in decline due to invasive plants and insects, habitat loss, disease, insecticides and other factors. However, Conservancy members, volunteers and partners are helping us create and protect habitats that provide food and shelter for these important animals and insects! And our conservation science staff documents and protects pollinators and recently participated in a 10-state Bees of the Barrens project.

You can help! Volunteer to care for pollinator-friendly plants in some community gardens, like this one at the Squirrel Hill tunnels in Pittsburgh, or help restore former agricultural fields to flowering meadows, pull invasive plants, and plant native, pollinator-friendly trees such as elderberry and redbud near streams. Plus, volunteer at Fallingwater to maintain a natural, pollinator-friendly landscape.

Join us June 27 for a free webinar, “Pollinator Habitat: Build It and They Will Come.” And read about those efforts and find tips for planting for pollinators in our recent issue of Perspectives.

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Cuisine, Live Music, Friends and Fallingwater!

Join us for a special fundraising event of jazz and fine dining: the Fallingwater Soirée, August 12 from 6 to 9 p.m. 

Enjoy the house and landscape on self-guided tours, live music by MCG Jazz and cuisine curated by Chef Kate Romane of Black Radish Kitchen. 

Special thanks to our presenting sponsor, Huntington Bank

Proceeds benefit Fallingwater’s preservation.

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Get Outdoors and On the Water

National Trails Day is June 3! You can celebrate any time by getting out on WPC’s 30 miles of trails to walk, hike, fish or view wildlife. Or volunteer for a trail maintenance day to keep the trails in good condition.

 Exploring Bear Run Nature Reserve’s 20 miles of trails? Reserve one of five rustic campsites at no charge! 

And, local rivers and streams are calling all who love to canoe, kayak or fish. Get on the water at 88 WPC-funded canoe access sites.

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Work at a Place You Love

We’re hiring a sous chef and other kitchen positions at Fallingwater. Support a sustainable operation serving locally sourced food in a beautiful setting while meeting people from around the world! 

We’re also hiring a GIS coordinator, a GIS analyst, a human resources assistant, field staff, watershed riparian coordinator and several other important positions.

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Mini Grants Support Local Watershed Groups

Congratulations to 15 local watershed groups that recently received grants totaling $39,484 to improve local rivers and streams, as part of the 2023 Watershed Mini Grant Program! 

The program is administered by the Conservancy and funded by BHE GT&S, a Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company, to support organizational promotion and outreach, water quality monitoring and watershed restoration.

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Download Spring Background Images

This Atlantis Fritillary butterfly makes its home in forest openings, meadows, upland pastures, bogs and near streams. 

Butterflies help pollinate flowering plants, and caterpillars and butterflies are food for other insects, birds and spiders. Sadly, many species are in decline. 

Read about some wetland butterflies that WPC works to conserve. 

Select spring images for your desktop and virtual backgrounds.

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Fallingwater Museum Store: Exclusive Textiles

Back by popular demand! In the summer of 2019, we launched our first limited-edition textile, named Ffenestr, created by London-based weaver Eleanor Pritchard. In the fall of 2020, we launched our second exclusive textile by Pritchard, named Carreg. Both were the result of Prichard’s visit to Fallingwater, where she drew inspiration from elements of the house. The textiles garnered much attention by visitors and collectors from around the world! 

We are pleased to announce that both Ffenestr and Carreg are available again for purchase only at the Fallingwater Museum Store.

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