Plus, Help Birds and Combat Invasives
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We are a member-based nonprofit dedicated to protecting and restoring the region’s waters, forests, natural areas and wildlife, planting community trees, gardens and greenspaces, and caring for Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater.

Help Green Our Region

We’re “greening” Western Pennsylvania! With the help of thousands of volunteers and partners, and the support of individuals and businesses, we plant community flower gardens along highways and in neighborhoods. As part of our Downtown Pittsburgh Greening projects, we’ve installed more than 400 flower planters along sidewalks, funded by Colcom Foundation, and next month we’ll hang more than 400 flower baskets, funded by Laurel Foundation.

Plus, we’ve partnered with PNC Grow Up Great since 2012 to add natural outdoor play and learning spaces at 12 Pittsburgh Public Schools’ early childhood centers.

We also plant trees in neighborhoods around Allegheny County and beyond to provide shade, stormwater management and food and shelter for wildlife. In April, we celebrated the planting of our 40,000th tree through our community forestry program, including TreeVitalize Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Redbud Project!

As you drive, walk or bike throughout the region, you’ve probably noticed some of our 130 community flower gardens and rain gardens, which provide bursts of color, wildlife habitat, food for pollinators and even stormwater management! During the next two years, we’ll add perennial beds to 30 more of our gardens to support bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects and birds. We still need volunteers at some gardens!

Dedicated volunteer garden stewards tend the gardens yearround by pulling weeds, picking up debris and watering.  If you love getting your hands in the dirt and making a difference in  your community, volunteer as a garden steward! Please contact Lynn McGuire-Olzak at or 412-586-2324.

Can’t volunteer, but want to support the blooms? Your business, organization or family can sponsor a garden! Sponsorships allow us purchase flowers, mulch, tools and other materials, as well as coordinate our network of volunteers. Please contact Art Demeo at or 412-586-2346 for sponsorship details.

Together, we’re helping to make corner of the world a greener, more biodiverse, vibrant and sustainable place to live, work and enjoy nature.

iconSteward a community garden

Care for Redbuds, Have Brews on Us

The 1,531 redbud trees we’ve planted with the help of volunteers and partners along Pittsburgh’s North Shore and other spots in view of downtown’s rivers have been spectacular! See some gorgeous images.

The beautiful pink blooms are fading and the heart-shaped leaves have emerged. Help keep the redbuds and other trees looking their best by volunteering for Redbuds & Brews, on June 11 from 5-7 p.m., hosted by our Emerging Leaders.

iconVolunteer at Redbuds & Brews

Be a Guest at Fallingwater

Fallingwater Fireside brings a small group together in Fallingwater’s living room with special guests for conversation, wine and hors d’oeuvres. On May 9, from 5:30 to 8 p.m., join Fallingwater director Justin Gunther and acclaimed freelance photographer Christopher Little, who has photographed fashion, presidents, celebrities and for two major Fallingwater publications. Purchase tickets for this and other Fallingwater Fireside events.

Or, schedule a Focus Tour, an exclusive, private experience tailored to your interests, available May 13-Sept. 30.

iconAttend Fallingwater Fireside

Volunteer to Tend Preserves, Plant Trees

Help keep our natural areas looking great! Volunteer to help remove debris at Lower Elk Creek Nature Reserve in Erie County on May 16, or maintain the trail at Katz Natural Area in Crawford County on June 13 or 27.

Or, if you’d like to help improve water quality, volunteer to plant trees along a stream in Jefferson County on May 1, or maintain streamside tree plantings in Cambria County on May 11 or in Clearfield County on May 14 or 15. 

iconTend preserves, plant trees

Be a Bird Conservationist

Do you want to help with bird conservation efforts? No matter your birding skill level, you can help scientists understand when and where hundreds of species of nesting birds are breeding in Pennsylvania!

Volunteer to participate in the Third Bird Atlas by recording bird species and breeding behaviors at the PA Bird Atlas portal in 

Want to see what birding is all about? Join us for a birding hike on Migratory Bird Day, May 11 at 10:30 a.m. at Toms Run Nature Reserve. Spots are limited! 

iconHelp protect birds

Get Outdoors and Enjoy the Spring Show

Explore our preserves in May to observe trees leafing and wildflowers blooming. Some WPC-owned preserves where you’ll see trout lilies, dwarf larkspur or other native spring wildflowers are Wolf Creek Narrows Natural Area, Toms Run Nature Reserve and Bear Run Nature Reserve. 

Protect our native species and create an enjoyable experience for all visitors: Clean your shoes to avoid spreading invasive species; stay on the trails; do not pick the flowers or plants; and carry out your trash!

iconExplore our preserves

Native Species Day is May 16

Thanks to our donors, partners and volunteers, our work supports Pennsylvania’s native ecosystem of plants, trees, insects, fish, birds and mammals.

We combat invasive species, plant native trees and pollinator gardens, study native wildlife, and conserve land and improve waterways to protect habitat for thousands of native species. 

You can observe all of PA’s natural state symbols (which are native species) at or near Bear Run Nature Reserve! Read more on page 1O of Conserve.

iconRead About Native Species Day

Download Spring Images

The wood turtle is a Species of Greatest Conservation Need in the PA Wildlife Action Plan. The main threats to turtles are: Being collected as pets, being killed on the road, and loss of habitat due to development, water pollution or fragmentation by roads.

It is okay to help a turtle cross a road, if it is safe for you to do so. Avoid unsafe traffic situations, and wash your hands well afterward to avoid potential salmonella. Please leave turtles in their natural habitat.

Select spring images for your desktop and virtual backgrounds through June 20.

iconDownload spring images

Fallingwater Museum Store: Mary Mack Prints Bandanas

Wake up your weekend wear with our exclusive, handmade bandanas! Pittsburgh artist Mary Tremonte, of Mary Mack Prints, created this special collection drawn from her research of Bear Run Nature Reserve’s seasonal flora. The bandanas are available in eight styles, two per season, and add the perfect accessory to your cookout, festival, concert and hiking attire. They also make great napkins! 

iconBrighten up your attire today!

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