Plus, Fallingwater Preservation and School Grounds Greening
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We are a member-based nonprofit dedicated to protecting and restoring the region’s waters, forests, natural areas and wildlife, planting community trees, gardens and greenspaces, and caring for Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater.

Conserve Land for Wildlife, Future Generations

When Regis and Jamie McHugh donated 33 acres in Westmoreland County to the Conservancy last year, Regis commented, “We’re excited that this donation can help spark conversations about the future of local greenspace in our community. We can’t think of a better partner than the Conservancy to help lead this effort.”

It’s a sentiment often echoed when conservation-minded landowners work with WPC to permanently protect their land. They know we use data, research and science and other conservation considerations to identify lands. We prioritize protecting the natural features, wildlife habitats, waterways and landscapes that make our region special.

Since 1932, we’ve conserved more than a quarter million acres, including land that helped to establish 11 state parks and enhance state forests, state game lands and the Allegheny National Forest. We continue to do this work year after year. Just last week, we conserved 414 acres in Cameron County for Elk State Forest.

We also protected more than 14,000 acres to create local nature preserves that we own and manage. Everyone is welcome on our preserves to enjoy autumn’s beauty, hiking, rustic camping, fishing, horseback riding, wildlife watching and more! Wear blaze orange during hunting season, and follow our visitor guidelines.

Visit our website to learn how land conservation benefits all of us and discover options for conserving your land and ensuring future generations will enjoy beautiful, undisturbed natural areas. Keep an eye out for a future email, and check social media and our website for a free webinar about land conservation in November!

iconDiscover the benefits of land conservation

Children Explore Nature at School

Thousands of schoolchildren are enjoying pollinator gardens, native shade trees, outdoor chalkboards and playhouses, garden walkways lined with paving stones and more, thanks to enhancements we’ve made to dozens of Pittsburgh-area schoolyards. Plus, the outdoor spaces provide opportunities for teachers to create hands-on nature learning experiences. Read about our School Grounds Greening program, and a recent effort at PPS Chartiers Early Childhood Center.

iconRead about Chartiers greening

Volunteer: Plant Trees, Care for Trails or Pull Invasives

Fall is a great time to plant and care for trees, when the weather is cool and trees’ roots will have the winter to get established. 

We welcome volunteers to help plant and care for trees in neighborhoods throughout Allegheny County through mid-November.

Or, join us to care for trails and pull invasive plants at Bear Run Nature Reserve or Toms Run Nature Reserve!

iconPlant trees, care for preserves

Could Your Land Benefit from Riparian Trees?

Trees and shrubs planted along streams create areas called riparian buffers, help restore water quality, prevent erosion, provide shade for wildlife and prevent pollution runoff. Since 2001, our watershed conservation staff and volunteers have planted more than 66,000 riparian trees, from silver maple trees to redbuds! 

Would you like to learn about getting riparian trees planted on your land? Please contact Alysha at or 724-471-7202 x 5106.

iconLearn about riparian trees

Put a Canoe Access Site in Your Community

Does your community need a site where people can easily access a stream or river to paddle? Is there an existing site that needs improvement? Apply Oct. 16 through Nov. 20 for a WPC Canoe Access Development Fund grant of up to $5,000.

The fund helps our region’s watershed organizations and community groups improve water access, and our staff provides technical assistance. Learn about the fund, established by WPC donors Roy Weil and Mary Shaw.

iconApply for canoe access funds

Stay Informed about Fallingwater Preservation

Preservation work is underway to repair Fallingwater’s major building systems: stone walls, flat roofs, flagstone terraces, concrete and steel window and door frames. 

We’ve launched a blog on to bring you the latest details on preservation progress. 

You’ll see photos of work activities and get insights into the projects, including perspectives from the talented people doing the work. 

iconView preservation in action

Download Fall Images

You can hardly step outdoors in autumn without spotting one of Pennsylvania's 35 aster species. They range from blue to lavender and pink to white, providing pops of color as summer’s green hues fade into fall’s golds, reds and oranges. A few are rare, growing only in unique habitats; others thrive in old fields and disturbed areas. 

This purple-stemmed aster prefers marshes, wet meadows and woods and can be seen on many of our preserves, such as Toms Run Nature Reserve and West Branch French Creek Conservation Area.

iconDownload fall images

Attend Atom Brick Fallingwater Launch Event

Spend an evening in the Fallingwater Living Room, meet the creator of Atom Brick tm and get your model box signed! The last day to place your reservation to attend The Atom Brick Fallingwater Model Launch Event, and to preorder the Premium Building Model of Fallingwater, is Sunday, Oct. 8. Make your reservation today!

iconAttend Atom Brick Fallingwater Launch Event

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