Plus, Celebrate Bee Day, Download Spring Images
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We are a member-based nonprofit dedicated to protecting and restoring the region’s waters, forests, natural areas and wildlife, planting community trees, gardens and greenspaces, and caring for Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater.

Members, May 6 is Your Special Day! Attend Members’ Day and Annual Meeting Next Saturday!

Members, you mean so much to us! We want to thank you with a day devoted to you amidst the beauty of Bear Run Nature Reserve. There’s still time to register for our Annual Members’ Day and Meeting, May 6 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Today, April 28, is the last day to register for the catered lunch. If you plan to bring your own lunch, you may register through May 3.

Bring guests and introduce new friends to WPC while you enjoy fun, free activities together! Start with a free continental breakfast from 8-10 a.m. Sign up for free tours of Fallingwater and naturalist-led hikes throughout the preserve, including birding, botany for beginners, backpack electrofishing, wildflower walk and more!

The Barn at Fallingwater will host exciting and interesting activities, too! Bring your nature photos and objects to "Ask a Naturalist," attend chats, visit exhibits and displays including Pennsylvania pollinators and WPC’s 41 nature preserves, and learn to document species for iNaturalist and iMapInvasives.

Young children can enjoy hands-on activities and age-appropriate nature walks, and everyone can meet Conservancy staff and learn about the work you make happen. Explore the day’s full slate of activities.

We can’t wait to see you there, rain or shine! Not a member? Join today!

iconRegister by May 3 to attend Members’ Day

Members’ Advance Fallingwater Soirée Ticket Sale Starts May 1

Attend the Fallingwater Soirée, a benefit event inspired by nature, on August 12 from 6 to 9 p.m. Enjoy cuisine curated by Chef Kate Romane of Black Radish Kitchen, self-guided tours of the house and grounds and live music by MCG Jazz. Conservancy and Friends of Fallingwater members, purchase tickets specially priced at $250 by calling 724-329-8501 beginning May 1. Nonmembers can purchase $300 tickets online beginning May 8. Special thanks to our presenting sponsor, Huntington Bank!

iconCall 724-329-8501 for tickets

Enjoy Wildflowers, Volunteer to Pull Invasives

Nature is putting on a spring show! Explore our preserves in May to observe trees leafing and wildflowers blooming! Some popular WPC-owned preserves for finding native spring wildflower species are Wolf Creek Narrows Natural Area, Toms Run Nature Reserve and Bear Run Nature Reserve. 

Help keep our natural areas looking great: Volunteer to pull invasive garlic mustard at Toms Run Nature Reserve May 3 and Wolf Creek Narrows on May 5. Take home your fill of garlic mustard! 

iconEnjoy spring wildflowers

Volunteer to Care for Redbuds, Have Brews on Us

The more than 1,000 redbud trees we’ve planted with the help of volunteers and partners along Pittsburgh’s North Shore and other spots in view of downtown’s rivers were spectacular this year! See some gorgeous images. The beautiful pink blooms are fading and the heart-shaped leaves have emerged. 

Help keep the redbuds and other trees looking their best by volunteering for Redbuds & Brews, June 8 from 5-7 p.m., hosted by our Emerging Leaders.

iconVolunteer for Redbuds & Brews

Celebrate World Bee Day 

Most fruits and vegetables wouldn’t exist without bees and other pollinators! Join WPC staff for a free, fun kid-friendly activity celebrating bees on World Bee Day at Neighborhood North: Museum of Play’s “Patterns in Our Everyday” community event in Beaver County, May 20 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

Explore a pollinator garden and learn about the patterns of bees and their hives. Help us build hives for our pollinator friends and create garden mosaics fashioned after the patterns observed in nature.

iconAttend “Patterns” event

Juniata Watershed Residents: Your Input Matters!

Do you live or work in the Juniata watershed? We want to hear from you. The past 25 years have seen exciting improvements in the Juniata watershed, but much remains to be done! Your input is key as we implement “Juniata Forward: Building on 25 Years of Conservation.”

Share ideas in an online survey or at meetings in May. Tell us what you think of current conditions and help plan the watershed's future!

iconHelp move Juniata forward

Get Spring Background Images

Spring-blooming trout lilies are one of several wildflowers found at Raccoon Creek State Park’s Wildflower Reserve in Beaver County, one of 11 state parks WPC helped establish. 

New trout lilies grow when ants scatter the seeds, or underground rootstalks spread. Some colonies are as old as 300 years! Its name comes from its mottled leaves, which resemble a brook trout's markings. 

Select spring images for your desktop and virtual backgrounds through June 20.

iconDownload spring images

Fallingwater Museum Store: Sustainable Living

Looking to lead a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle? To help you get started, during May we’re offering 15% off our selection of books about living sustainably, for both adults and kids. Discount is for online purchases only. Shop and save today! 

iconSave on books about sustainable living

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