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We are a member-based nonprofit dedicated to protecting and restoring the region’s waters, forests, natural areas and wildlife, planting community trees, gardens and greenspaces, and caring for Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater.
Volunteers Returned to Plant Trees in Fall 2021
After a hiatus in 2020 and spring 2021, we were happy to welcome volunteers to help us plant trees in fall 2021. With the support of our generous members and partners, our community forestry staff and 420 volunteers planted 1,117 trees in 28 Allegheny County neighborhoods, including dogwoods, hornbeams and pine. We also planted nearly 500 redbud and serviceberry trees along Pittsburgh’s rivers and in downtown areas.
With the help of 60 volunteers and partners such as the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and county conservation districts, our watershed conservation staff planted an amazing 6,375 riparian trees such as sycamore, sugar maple and paw paw on 32 acres in 10 counties to restore waterways and improve water quality.
     Planting trees is one of the most visible aspects of the Conservancy’s work, but we give those trees year-round care. We weed in spring, water in summer, mulch in fall, and prune and control salt in winter. Use our seasonal tree care tips in your backyard, too.
     The benefits of trees are many, whether on city streets, in rural forests or along rivers and streams. Planting trees build communities, is a gift to the environment and is a fun family activity. Read “We Planted a Tree,” a children’s book recommended by our staff and found in local libraries, learn more about our work planting trees and plan to volunteer with us in 2022.

Thank You for Making a Difference in 2021!
We’re grateful to our generous donors and volunteers who support nature in so many ways! Nature near you needs you, and you’re making a difference in our corner of the world. Please enjoy this video celebrating all the ways you helped nature in 2021. We look forward to another successful year of protecting our natural areas and preserving Fallingwater in 2022!
Maximize Your Charitable Giving Through the CARES Act
There’s still time before year-end to maximize your charitable giving through the CARES Act. This year, you can give more—and get more tax benefits! Learn about how the CARES Act could benefit you and the Conservancy.
New Law is Great News for Water Quality in Pennsylvania
The signing of the bipartisan infrastructure bill into law brings great news for water quality in Pennsylvania, helping streams like this run clear again! The law will extend the federal Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Program. This funding source supports remediation projects similar to the Conservancy’s AMD treatment sites at Bennett Branch Forest and in Fayette County.
Experience Fallingwater During Winter Walks
Experience the winter beauty of Fallingwater and its landscape at your own pace on a Winter Walk. Explore the grounds, trails and several of the house’s terraces. Discover why Fallingwater is considered to be the finest example of Wright’s philosophy of organic architecture.
Be Safe Outdoors During Hunting Season
Hunting season is in full swing in Pennsylvania. We remind hunters, hikers and all nature enthusiasts to be safe and wear blaze orange when spending time outdoors this fall and winter. Please note that hunting is not permitted on any Conservancy preserves on Sundays. Read more about hunting and spending time on our preserves during hunting season.
Download images for your desktop or virtual meeting
Download Images for Your Desktop or Virtual Meeting
This cute fellow is an Eastern newt in its juvenile red eft stage, when it lives on land, just before its adult aquatic stage. The newt is found on our preserves featuring ponds, streams and wet forests. It can live 15 years in the wild, but is threatened by fragmented habitat, climate change, invasive species and more.
Download this and other images for your desktop or virtual background. Watch for winter images on Dec. 21!
Fallingwater Museum Store
We are pleased to introduce the Fallingwater Rhododendron Vase Collection, designed by ceramic artist Christopher Brody! As a complement to the Limited-Edition Rhododendron Vase, Brody completes a beautiful and classic collection of vases inspired by Fallingwater’s landscape of rhododendron.
     Varying in size, each vase is hand-carved in a leaf-and-blossom motif, capturing the rhododendron’s showy flower against tones of green and ochre. Designed exclusively for Fallingwater, each piece from the collection can be purchased online or onsite. Just in time for the gift-giving season!
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News from the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy for December 2021
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