Plus: Take a Hike, Visit Fallingwater and Protect Wild Places and Green Spaces
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We are a member-based nonprofit dedicated to protecting and restoring the region’s waters, forests, natural areas and wildlife, planting community trees, gardens and greenspaces, and caring for Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater.

Protect Wild Places and Green Spaces: It’s Our Nature!

Member support is at the heart of all our efforts to restore and protect Western Pennsylvania’s wild places and green spaces. Together, we are a powerful force for local conservation—for clean water and air, and thriving forests and wildlife. Our work benefits everyone who enjoys the beauty and restorative power of nature and the outdoors.

Since 1932, thanks to the generous support of Conservancy members and volunteers, we have planted more than 105,000 trees, restored 3,000 miles of rivers and streams and conserved more than 265,000 acres of land, including 41 WPC nature preserves totaling 14,000 acres, where all are welcome to enjoy our region’s natural beauty.

We protect and study wildlife, plants and habitats, plant and maintain 130 community flower gardens in cities and towns across the region and steward Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The passion, dedication and generosity of WPC Members empower all of our work—including educating and inspiring the next generation of conservationists.

Your support can make a tangible difference locally for conservation. For example, to help combat climate change and other threats, you can help us plant more native trees and plants and remove invasive vegetation. Plus, your support protects more land for wildlife and nature to thrive, restores more rivers and streams, and helps keep Fallingwater resilient and relevant. 

Please consider making a one-time or monthly donation, renew your membership or give a gift membership. Donate today, on Giving Tuesday, Nov. 28, or by Dec. 31 to protect our region’s forests, green spaces and waterways. It’s our nature!

iconProtect wild places and green spaces: Give today

Learn About Land Protection: Nov. 14 Webinar

Did you know that WPC has played an important role in protecting and expanding Pennsylvania’s state parks, state forests and game lands for nearly 80 years?

In a free Nov. 14 webinar, “Land Protection at WPC: Preserving Exceptional Places Since 1945,” learn how we partner with conservation-minded landowners to identify and protect important lands. 

Also, discover options for protecting your land.

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Improve Your Watershed: Apply for a Mini Grant

Conservation and watershed groups can apply for funding for water quality monitoring, watershed restoration, community outreach and youth education projects. 

With funding from BHE GT&S, our watershed mini grants provide needed support and awareness for watersheds in 26 counties. Apply through Dec. 18.

Also, apply for Canoe Access Development Funds through Nov. 20.

iconImprove your local watershed

Volunteer to Plant Street Trees, Care for Trails

Autumn is a great time to plant trees so the roots can get established by spring. Trees provide many benefits including providing shade, offering shelter for wildlife, sequestering carbon and mitigating stormwater runoff. 

Help us plant trees in communities around Allegheny County, and in Jeannette, Westmoreland County, through Nov. 18. 

Or, join us for our final trail maintenance of 2023 at Toms Run Nature Reserve on Nov. 18.

iconVolunteer with us

Take A Hike on Nov. 17 or Any Day

Do you prefer family-friendly walks, longer hikes on designated trails or rustic off-trail experiences? Discover a trail on a WPC preserve near you on National Take A Hike Day on Nov. 17. 

Invite a friend to observe wildlife, hike along streams and discover forests and meadows. Visit our website to find preserves with parking, eating areas and more. Review visitor guidelines and wear blaze orange. 

Plus, introduce children to the joys of hiking: Read Take A Hike, reviewed by our staff.

iconHike on a WPC preserve

Experience Fallingwater in the Fall

Fallingwater is beautiful in every season, and fall is no exception. Hear the waters of Bear Run flowing over the waterfall and enjoy the mountain air as it rustles the leaves. 

Celebrate the 60th anniversary of Edgar  Kaufmann jr.'s gift of Fallingwater to the Conservancy and the world by visiting this fall. Interior tours are available through Nov. 26, and during weekends in December. 

Can’t visit? Check out our Fallingwater webcam, a livestream video of the house and falls.

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Download Seasonal Images

Have you ever heard an elk bugle? You might when visiting our 1,500-acre Bennett Branch Forest in Elk and Clearfield counties bordering Moshannon State Forest. 

You could even spot an elk while you’re hiking the 3.6-mile roundtrip trail, or back-country camping beneath the vibrant golds, reds and yellows of American beech, northern red oak and maple trees.

Enjoy fishing on Cherry Run or other streams, or mountain biking on designated trails. Hunting is permitted except on Sundays: Please wear blaze orange.

iconDownload fall images

New Photos of Fallingwater

Nestled in Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands stands Fallingwater—a house in harmony with nature, as captured in this new photograph by Dave Bryce. 

Available in two easy-to-frame sizes, the photograph features Fallingwater in its natural surroundings during the fall season. We also have a new winter photograph available by Bryce. Choose your favorite!

iconPurchase your favorite new photos of Fallingwater

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