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We are a member-based nonprofit dedicated to protecting and restoring the region’s waters, forests, natural areas and wildlife, planting community trees, gardens and greenspaces, and caring for Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater.

Experience a Work of Art Set on a Waterfall: Fallingwater Opens for its 61st Season

Fallingwater reopens Mar. 16 for its 61st tour season! Experience a site on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the place Edgar Kaufmann jr. called, β€œa work of art…. set on the waterfall of Bear Run, spouting nature’s endless energy and grace.”

Explore the house’s intimate relationship with nature during a Guided Architectural Tour, Guided Grounds Walking Tour or Grounds Pass, In-depth Tour, Focus Tour or Family Field Trip. In the Fallingwater CafΓ©, enjoy lunch or delicious coffee drinks made from locally sourced fare, then browse the Museum Store and visit the Speyer Gallery for a continuation of the enlightening exhibition, β€œFrank Lloyd Wright’s Southwestern Pennsylvania: The Fallingwater Projects.”

Pique your curiosity and deepen your understanding of Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic architecture by exploring Fallingwater Institute’s educational programs. Attend salon-style Fallingwater Fireside discussions near the Living Room fireplace with Fallingwater director Justin Gunther and a special guest. Not able to visit this season? Check out Fallingwater’s many virtual options, including field trips, summer camps, webinars and more.

Discover a place the Kaufmann family believed would connect people to nature, enrich lives and inspire generations.

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Discover How WPC Improves Water Quality, and How You Can Help

Since 2001, our watershed conservation staff has restored more than 3,000 miles of local rivers and streams, with the help of landowners, volunteers and partners.Β 

Together, we replace culverts to help fish move freely in streams, plant riparian trees to prevent streambank erosion, create in-stream habitat for turtles and other aquatic species, and much more.Β Help improve water quality near you: Volunteer to plant riparian trees and keep streams clean!

iconImproving water quality

Save the Date: Members’ Day is May 4

We love meeting our members and want to show our gratitude! Join us at WPC’s Members’ Day and Annual Meeting, May 4 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Meet at The Barn at Fallingwater for free naturalist-led hikes, children’s activities, free tours of Fallingwater with advance reservations and more. Enjoy a free continental breakfast and purchase a catered buffet lunch, or join us with your own lunch. Meet WPC staff and learn about the work you support. Registration begins Mar. 11: Watch for your informational postcard. Not a member? Join today!

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Watch β€œSeeing The Unseen: Aquatic Invaders & What’s at Stake”

Round gobies, starry stonewort and cattails are just a few of the many invasive species that threaten native species and water quality in the Lake Erie watershed.Β 

Get informed about these invaders! Watch "Seeing The Unseen: Aquatic Invaders & What's at Stake," a short film by our invasive species experts and Great Lakes Media & Film about the invasive species threatening the Lake Erie watershed. Learn about measures you can take to slow the spread!

iconWatch and share the film

Volunteer: Green Communities or Care for Water, Land or Fallingwater

Are you a nature enthusiast or someone who wants our region to thrive? Volunteer to maintain trails or pull invasive plants at our nature preserves. Plant or steward one of our 130 community flower gardens, plant trees in your neighborhood to help manage stormwater and provide wildlife habitat, or plant trees along local streams or rivers to improve water quality. You can even use your gardening or conversational skills to volunteer at Fallingwater. Watch for new opportunities throughout the spring!

iconVolunteer this spring

Get Veggie Garden Funds: Apply by March 15

Does your established community vegetable garden in Allegheny County need funds for items such as fencing, seeds, mulch, tools or other materials, or could you use some technical assistance?Β 

Apply through Mar. 15 for Community Garden Sustainability Funds, a grant program in partnership with Grow Pittsburgh.

iconGet veggie garden funds

Download Seasonal Images

Four-toed salamanders spend their time under logs, rocks and leaf litter in mature forests near boggy areas and floodplains. This one emerged to perch on a mushroom at Jennings Environmental Education Center in Butler County, which WPC helped to establish to protect a post-glacial prairie. You might see four-toed salamanders migrating to vernal pools at some WPC preserves in March.Β 

This and other spring images will be available for downloading Mar. 19. (You can still get winter images through Mar. 18.) Watch for special redbud images in April!Β 

iconDownload Seasonal Images

Fallingwater Museum Store: Blooming With Color!

During March we welcome colorful spring buds, and new arrivals at the Fallingwater Museum Store that capture the vivid colors and bold lines of Frank Lloyd Wright, the architect who designed Fallingwater. Our collection features all new releases – gold foil and gift-boxed puzzles, along with vibrant sock designs. These new arrivals are the perfect gifts to capture the colors and excitement of the coming season!

iconShop colorful spring arrivals today
  • Capture rainwater to reduce runoff and flooding in your yard.

  • Volunteer with WPC to plant trees along streams.

  • If you own property with a stream, plant trees or leave vegetation beside it. They will catch runoff, reduce erosion and provide habitat.

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